Usually I’m a fairly private person, yet on one recent night I received a vision of creating and sharing a travel blog as I roam through Austria, Greece, Italy and Spain for one month, mostly using a senior Eurail Pass. During Covid lockdown I trained to become an end-of-life guide, creating HeartFull Journey to offer my services. My partner Elton and I founded a non-profit,, with a focus on inner peace as modeled by multiple well-known peace makers from among the world’s great wisdom traditions.

What’s all this got to do with a travel blog, you ask? During this month-long solo trip, I wish to both experience and offer: ease, trust, support, connection, an open heart, and kindness. As I travel, I wish to ask questions around two themes: end of life meaning (really, quality of life) and inner peace (ultimately also about quality of life.) My intention is to ask a question of people in a casual way over food, at the beach, on a park bench, on the train, in their homes, watching a sunrise or sunset…

  • If you knew you only had one month to live, what is most important to you?

My HeartFull Journey begins this Friday, May 13th. Hopefully universal kindness will keep us all safe and well that day and beyond.  My planned return is for Tuesday, June 14th. I will be concentrating on coastal areas as I CRAVE ocean time. My hope is to find accommodation mostly in homestays, so if you have friends or family in coastal areas in Greece, Italy or Spain who like meeting travelers, please connect us. I welcome your destination recommendations, creative questions, or general positive support:

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  1. Dear Josie,
    I’m so intrigued by your blog post! Please sign me up: I wonder where you are today? We just got through with three 100° days in a row, following a 90° day! I hope Elton is enjoying cooler temperatures. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler – back to spring time. The tulips and daffodils got fried, and the leaves on the trees are bursting forth. All the greens are gorgeous, of course. And you are enjoying spring in Europe! Good for you! Just stay in touch.
    Much love, Nina
    PS I love the questions you are pondering and asking people about.

  2. This is absolutely amazing – so excited to read about your thoughts, and share your experiences!

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