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HeartFull Journey End-of-Life Guide services

When you or a loved one are facing life’s greatest mystery, there is help to navigate your journey with grace, compassion and care. This is an especially vulnerable time yet one which carries great potential for connection, reconciliation, completion and peace. I accompany the dying person and their loved ones through the final months, weeks and days of life by providing support, resources, education and friendship. As your End-of-Life guide I can assist with:

  • Advance Care Planning for people and pets
  • Facilitate End of Life Planning
  • Organizing family/caregiver support
  • Life review and Legacy projects
  • Pet help/dog walking
  • Music or Art relaxation
  • Poetry and book reading
  • Life Tribute Party Planning
  • Vigil planning

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HeARTfull Paper Quilling Workshop

It’s absolutely amazing what you can make with paper and glue! Paper quilling is an art form using strips of paper that are coiled, shaped, and glued together to create visually striking designs. Hand dexterity, intuition and patience go a long way in making your own unique work of art. Another great feature is that it is extremely portable as only a few supplies are needed!

Why do I practice quilling? Besides feeling content when playing with colors and creating forms, there’s a connecting, peaceful energy around giving and receiving that is very much alive in me. I specialize in heart-shaped intuitive forms I make with the intention of gifting it to someone who is meant to receive it, whether I know them yet or not. I will be posting stories to explore my experiences around these giving/receiving interactions.

My workshops can be offered as one 2-1/2 hour session if you would like to learn the basics, practice a bit, and construct a simple take-home project to get you started.

Workshop Projects

For those of you who want to tap into a more intuitive connection around what awaits expression through you, I offer two half-day sessions. On day one you will learn the basics and do some practice, experience a guided meditation to tap into what is alive in you, and then select paper strip colors that begin to express your vision. I often find it helpful to start a project outline (e.g., a heart) and then step away for a time. Overnight you are invited to consider the elements that capture the essence of your vision. Day two entails expressing your vision as your quilled project.

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