Last night involved nightmare keyboard challenges where strange characters were showing up instead of the familiar ones, and typing a “y” brought up a “z” and vice versa. Just got that sorted out and am feeling extremely relieved. I’m so happy to click on “?” and have a question mark show up! 

Music for the Soul

My second cousin is a professional harpist. While I did not meet up with her on this trip, her father (my cousin) played a CD where Christina and her mother, Anita, performed together in Wels, Austria. Christina played a special piece composed by Monika Stadler who is herself an Austrian jazz harpist. I am amazed at the strong emotions this instrument has welling up in me as I listen, so evocative and lovely.

My cousin and I perused a few old family albums with the intent of identifying as many specific people in the photos as possible. If we don’t remember who people are in these photos, the generations behind us will not have a clue and these photos become useless.

I enjoyed another afternoon visit to family members, basking in sunshine, birdsong, a soft breeze and puffy cloud formations. During this visit I shared my keyboard challenge and received advice about a couple of things I could try – and it worked! (Getting more comfortable about asking for help is a work in progress.) My hosts and I just returned from a dinner at a local restaurant as a “thank you and farewell” gesture. Successful day now that travel arrangements are in place. Gratitude and an open heart are my go-to choices on this trip (pun intended). 

Big Wide World

I leave for Istanbul tomorrow morning combining my Eurail pass with a flight, traveling 5 hours instead of 40. Turkey was not on my initial travel radar and yet I’m very excited about visiting this ancient city, feeling guided to go there rather than Croatia as had been recommended to me. Would like to find a personal guide to take me around the special places, more special to the locals than to the tourists. 

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