High Places

Early start to catch my flight back to Vienna. It is also my birthday so I am now 66 and want to indulge today. I will once again stop in Wels to visit with my cousin Hans and his wife Anita. I also want to offer another picture of a Gaudi-designed house in Barcelona, Casa Battlo.

Casa Battlo designed by Gaudi, Barcelona, Spain

On the plane from Barcelona to Vienna I was next to a young woman who is returning back to Vienna from the Netherlands. She loves to travel and I asked the “1-month “question. Her answer: visit with family and friends, do some traveling with them.

I headed directly to Linz and made two quick stops to see the botanical garden and then took a tram to Postlingbergbahn, a high point with an incredible view of the city, the Danube River, and the surrounding valley. Returning to the city center, I took another (short) train ride to Wels, met my cousin at the train station, dropped off luggage, had a glass of wine with Hans and Anita, was gifted a lovely glass candlestick made in Austria, followed by dining out at a locally owned Grecian restaurant. The food was great and we returned for an early bedtime. 

Due to lack of internet access two posts have been delayed until this evening. Looking forward to bed time.

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