Parc Guell, Barcelona

Visited Parc Guell this morning, a charming oasis on a high point with an amazing view of Barcelona, and then there is all the mosaic work by Gaudi. I’m really glad I made the effort to include a visit here.

The next stop is the Picasso Museum, another prolific artist. Nice to be in an air conditioned space today. The trains here are very efficient but the sound level, especially in tunnels, is very loud.

Consol is performing with her friends tonight and I will get to see them in action. During rehearsal this choir shows many instances of caring for one another, jumping right in to help where needed. Their songs are celebratory, emotional and very rhythmic, some reminding me of African rhythms and harmonies. They have a very good choir director.

After the concert we walked along the warm sand beach with bare feet and a nearly full moon, beautiful. Apparently Sitge is the gay capital of Spain and there was a major gay pride event happening. Lots of tourists and shops of every description. We each had an ice cream cone and headed back to her flat for the night.

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