Barcelona or Bust, but first: Girona

Early walkabout to an old Roman wall and city, including a spiral staircase in an upper tower and a panoramic view of Girona. My knees are letting me know that these are a lot of steps for so early in the day. I acknowledge and offer encouragement to my knees many times every day. I also decided to start taking pictures of the types of cobblestone in the area.

Ancient wooden door in Girona, Spain

Having breakfast at the Konig Sandwich cafe near the Basilica de Sant Feliu. Ordered a cheese omelette and it comes as a fried egg with mild brie on a mini baguette. Not realizing this would be a breakfast sandwich, I had also ordered an arugula, tomato, cheese and guacamole mini sandwich on multigrain bread, which they call “cereal bread.” I was hungry enough to eat both and each was quite tasty. 

Just realized that the word I took for murals, “murallas” means “wall.” I will wander on this lovely, cool morning. I found a shop, Chocolataria Equador, where I purchased some dark chocolate treats including one made with a liqueur from this region, really good. Wish I had more room in my luggage to stock up. More wanderings around the Parc de la Devesa to a pedestrian bridge over the river with a modest waterfall. The sound of the water is wonderfully soothing. 

I arrived in Sant Celoni, my last stop before Barcelona tomorrow, the main attraction on my bucket list. I have my e-ticket for Segrada Familia plus one of the towers, and in the afternoon I have a guided Gaudi tour. Then I need to find my way to my homestay host via train who lives about 30 minutes west of Barcelona.

I found vegetarian food in Sant Celoni at “la taverna de la clau” which is very close to the regional train station. Started out with brined green olives and a clove of garlic. The restaurant has a sign on the wall which translates to “we do not accept sexist, racist or LGBTQ attitudes.” My dinner was sliced, grilled zucchini wrapped around a mix of sautéed spinach with cherry tomatoes and  sunflower pesto, delicious. When I came in earlier from the train station there was almost nothing open. Now in the early evening there is a lot of activity. I found an ice cream vendor and bought a one scoop cone. No more venturing out for me today.

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