This morning at breakfast is the first time I have had scrambled eggs. The typical fare is a hard-boiled egg and different rolls or croissant. Another first is a Spanish tortilla that has potato chunks embedded in a dense egg mix. In the breakfast room the walls are adorned with numerous watercolors by Dali and today I will tour the Teatro Museum Dali.

Walking toward the Castell de Sant Ferrant, I came across another large park whose pathways are shaded with large linden trees. For the first time in decades I found a swing that would carry adult weight. The seat was very snug but wow, what a wonderful feeling to be gliding through air again! There should be more somatic park options for adults because I will never outgrow the joy of being on a swing.

As I walk around the fortress, there is only one word in my head to describe it:  MASSIVE. I am guessing it took an entire quarry of local stone to build this.There is a narrow gravel pathway circumventing the complex with lots of butterflies and swallows, plus: wild asparagus, raspberries, gorse, sea holly and thistles,

Back in town I stopped in a cafe I noticed yesterday, La Rambla Cultura Artesana. They have wonderful-looking breads, sandwiches, croissants and pastries. I chose an Omega croissant which is multgrain with sunflower seeds, really good!

While waiting in the museum plaza for entry, a flautist was playng some beautiful music and I placed 2 euros in his open case. The Dali museum is really interesting, with two galleries that are a surprise to me. The first is a set of paintings of rocks assembled into figures in lovely pastel colors and detail. The other represents holocaust images, very powerful. I am feeling very full – emotionally and spiritually by the sheer productivity of this artist.

Two minutes away is a vegan restaurant, Integral, where I am having lunch with a set menu starting with a delicate and delicious cream of zucchini soup with sunflower and pepita seeds. It looks like a one man operation as I only see one person taking care of tables and preparing the food. The background music is very mellow, even meditative and I recognize the artist from the Circle Dance group in British Columbia. We dance to one of her songs and this music is perfect for integrating the Dali artwork. The main platter of food is amazingly flavorful and has restored my energy. Much gratitude!

On to Girona, my next stop on this trip. Since Barcelona hotels are so expensive I am overnighting in nearby towns. After finding the hotel and dropping off luggage I was able to find a laundromat and wash the last load before heading back to the states. Girona also has major plantings of Linden trees, some still blooming. Tomorrow I will visit the old part of the city and check out some roman mosaics.

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