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While in line at the train station waiting to make a reservation for the afternoon trip the woman behind me, Mona, spoke English and we had a good chat about traveling. Her answer to the 1 month question: she would visit her favorite friends without telling them about her timeline, then see family members (she is not on the best of terms with them), then use the remaining time for self care and meditation. Because the trains to Figueras are full today, I could not get a reservation and now have to make the trip on two separate trains. I hope the timing all works out so I reach my reserved accommodation this evening.

I just mailed a small box to Canada so I do not have to check my bag at the Barcelona and Vienna airports. I was assisted by a very helpful clerk at the post office and 45 euros later my load is lightened by 3 kilos. I love the many street cafes for a coffee or snack break. I try to avoid tables near smokers since that does alter the experience but it is a nearly futile effort wherever you sit.

Among the many grape-growing villages I have seen, most have a set of beehives to ensure pollination and get the added rewards of honey. Today I saw lots of vineyards from the train. The terrain in this part of France and Spain is drier and more closely resembles the scrub landscape we have toward the southwest part of the states.

Because I had a layover In Portbou waiting for a train to Figueras, Spain, I walked down to the village with help from a railroad employee who took my carry-on down a long set of stairs. There is a wide, tree-lined boulevard and then a surprising sea view. This view is hyacinth for the soul. Who needs food? I’m looking for water and food but settled for wine and water, celebrating today’s earlier choices that helped get me this far. Later I was able to find a cafe halfway back to the station that made me a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, panini style. Most shops in the sleepy little town of Portbou, Spain, are closed. 

I got to the hotel in Figueras and wandered around La Ramba plaza, even found one of the museums on my list for tomorrow and already toured that gallery. Tomorrow I will visit the Teatro Museum Dali. 

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