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Walking from my surprisingly low-budget hotel toward the train station, I saw the hulk of a burned-out car that I did not see when walking by yesterday. Yikes! Am relocating to a hotel in city center and hope to be more inspired by the change in environment. It will be very hot here in Avignon over the next few days.

I stopped for breakfast at the Salon de The, ordered a deliciously-herbed veggie quiche with coffee and the best croissant I have ever tasted. At the table next to me a woman spoke some English and she suggested visiting museums today. This was a great pit stop. It is Sunday and church bells are ringing in the distance.

I found my next hotel and went in early to store luggage and catch up on the blogs of the previous two days. I am feeling relieved to post those two days of experiences. The concierge allowed me to have a coffee and yogurt so I am also feeling supported and nourished this morning. They even let me check in 3 hours early and I have air conditioning which is worth having to climb to the uppermost floor. What next? Of course, a nap!

I am strolling through a high city park, Jardin des Doms, which has viewpoints at many places, a cafe, a small pond with swans and ducks, tables with umbrellas, picnic tables, large plane trees offering  much needed shade on this hot afternoon, lots of families with children, a fenced in play area, little go-carts for the kids to enjoy, and a live band. From the play area vantage point I see a large ferris wheel down by the river. It moves very slowly and is in full sun but I am drawn to try and find it. Would love a ride when it cools down a bit.

ViewfromJardindesDoms, Avignon

Heading down toward the ferris wheel there is a plaza in front of the Palais du Papes where they have various eateries, indoor and outdoor. I am outdoors in a canopied area where intermittent mist is sprayed from the canopy frames to cool things off. Some very dark clouds are developing and thunder rumbles are occurring in intervals. Maybe being on a ferris wheel during a thunderstorm is not the best place to be.

Heading back toward the evening “center of my universe” – bed, indoor plumbing, internet – I stumbled upon a plaza with more cafes and I am enjoying a glass of chardonnay made with grapes grown in the region. Looking back toward the plaza where there are benches, I notice many men holding cans of beet or just sitting, and they look homeless. One man was definitely in a state of mental agitation. Just trying to notice without stories or judgement and wondering what their view of us sitting at the tables might be. Tomorrow I leave Avignon for other French pastures.

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