To Cinque Terre

Took a morning train to La Spezia to catch the ferry to the 5 picturesque cliffside villages known as Cinque Terre (pronounced “Chinkwe”). There were a lot of people on the train to get there. I sat next to a young couple from Washington D.C. and Florida. Their responses to my “1 month” question: he wants to pack in as many experiences as possible and she would like to spend the time with her Mom. 

Since there was no luggage storage at La Spezia, I took both bags with me. At the last village, Monterossa, I enjoyed a glass of local white wine, focaccia, gelato and the riviera feel. I took a photo of the largest display of bougainvilla I have ever seen, very coloful.

I caught the train to Nice rather than back-tracking to La Spezia. The train to my connection of Ventimiglia was delayed about an hour, arriving around 12:30 am and the entire station was closed down until morning – no more trains out and there was no available lodging for the night, all fully booked. I sat outside on the station platform until 6 am so I could catch the next train and move on. This was a very long and uncomfortable night. My gratitude practice included the earlier interaction around the 1-month question, an apple that was my late night snack, and a focaccia lunch earlier. The coastal train ride revealed many amazing coastlines, seaside villages and tunnels.

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