A Hot Day in Florence, Italy

This morning’s breakfast was a feast at Hotel Jane. They are storing my travel bags as a I wander the city today. I had mentioned losing my adapter for charging, and the woman clerk opened a drawer of some things that have been left behind by other travelers and, amazingly, she had an exact copy of the one I lost yesterday so I am charging ahead. More relief and gratitude for kindnesses offered and being reunited with necessary equipment. I am noticing the current phenomena of Holding On and Letting Go seem to be very active around or within me the last two days. I am wanting to hold on to the small adaptor that enables me to recharge phone and laptop, and I am letting go of the mirage that I have control and efficiency as I go about daily life. 

Hotel Jane is full for tonight so I am relocating to another, the Hotel Londa which is close to the train station.I walked a lot today, visiting the Uffizi Gallery and the Leonardo da Vinci museums, then wandered around some of the city blocks. I am surprised at how many people came to Uffizi and learned that today is a holiday. The ceilings and floors were, for me, as amazing as the paintings and sculptures. As I was walking near the river there were some wisteria vines creating a green wall across one of the entryways. I tried tasking a photo but the purple flowers got lost. Some linden trees are blooming now and the scent is very special, something my senses really enjoy.

Marble Floor in Uffizi museum

Oh NOooo, on the bus to the Hotel Londa my phone was missing. I dropped off my luggage and immediately took the bus back to retrace steps. Fortunately Hotel Jane had the phone which gives me TREMENDOUS relief. My imagination was telling me there was a possibility that it fell out of my back pocket as I was boarding the first bus and if that were the case I most likely would never see it again. When I returned to Hotel Londa they were happy for me and gave me a glass of wine on the house. I am enjoying a regional sangiovese and calming down for the first time on this very hot day. I asked my “1 month” question of the two very kind receptionists. The gentleman would travel to the Patagonia in Chile and then Venezuela. The other receptionist who gave me the wine would travel to Australia. 

I ventured out to a laundromat and now have clean clothes again. It’s a simple and wonderful thing that is challenging while traveling. Tomorrow I leave Florence and may spend the day at the five villages that comprise Cinque Terre, cliffside communities on the coast that are quaint and picturesque. From there I will wend my way toward Nice, France and Barcelona, Spain.

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