Very early start today; had time to do some stretch exercises and meditate before the rest of the household awoke. There are blackbirds here whose songs sound like mockingbirds – so many different calls. They also get an early start! 

Today we drove a second cousin to the school where she teaches, located in a stunning mountain valley. It was easy to envision Julie Andrews bursting into song with “The hills are alive…” This valley terminates at one end and my first cousin has a friend who owns a restaurant there, so we had a delicious lunch and visit. There were a couple of large chestnut trees in full bloom, not something I see very often. The roadways are incredibly narrow and there are times when I think the cars absolutely cannot pass one another without knocking off their side mirrors, yet they manage to continue on their way without doing harm.

Further along the drive we stopped at a konditerei (bakery) where I had my first eiscafe (coffee with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream). For me that is the quintessential Austrian taste of summer and it was really warm today, hitting 80 degrees. 

My cousin is often sharing thoughts about what he sees as ways in which the world (mother earth) needs help. Because he has so many perspectives on things like: global economies, geopolitics, war crimes, refugees, renewable energy, plastics in the ocean, organic agriculture, electric cars, growing nationalism among many countries, nuclear power plants, daylight savings time (just to provide a few examples), I say to him: “There are so many opportunities to help create the shift you wish to see. Go and make the world a better place.” This last sentence has become a saying I repeat several times a day because he sees so many issues and for me it is essential that we do more than simply point at what’s wrong. Perhaps it comes down to a matter of choice: where might we focus our intention to initiate some small shift? 

Voted best place in Austria in 2020

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