Early start but not early enough

Had an early shuttle to the old part of Corfu where the ferries depart. One of the hotel staff rode along with the shuttle to town and was conversing with the driver about vaccinations. Both the driver and staff person are anti-vaccination and were passionately talking about the coercion to be vaccinated if you want to travel. I will leave this topic there. Did I mention that a lot of people still smoke cigarettes? It is still a horrible smell I try hard to avoid. 

This morning I’m in the Setti Venti cafe near the ferry terminal having coffee and a light breakfast. I’m sitting on a wonderfully comfy loveseat where I can recline a bit. A kitten was roaming throughout along with a white pigeon who likes to roost inside on the curtain rods. My intention today is to stay in the shade as much as possible. 

I remember an interesting detail from the cruise yesterday. Paxos has a special olive oil that is grown organically. Generally there is not much organic produce or value-added products sin Greece. I wish I had the space in my travel gear to bring some of this special oil back home. 

At the ferry terminal I realized that purchasing a ticket online has cost three times more than when you buy directly at the ticket counter. The fare is 5 Euros at the port wheras the service fee alone for online purchase is 12 euros. So plan ahead to come early and buy your fare at the ticket window. The public transportation system in Greece ranks excellent in my travel book. While waiting to board the ferry a woman and her dog were playing “tug the leash” so I know this is a playful puppy, a beautiful creature. 

Ferry Trip 1

Hazy mountains on either side of the passage, relatively calm waters. The breeze is milder than yesterday, no extra layers needed.

After disembarking and hauling my luggage about 2/3 of a mile in the hot sun, I was told my ticket was for 1 AM this morning and they only have evening departures. I now have a 5 hour layover and a long night ahead and have wasted another hotel booking. I also have to pay again for the same ticket, making this an expensive travel mistake. I will get to Brindisi in the wee hours and may take the earliest train toward Florence. 

At the ferry terminal there is a little shop, the Egnatia Cafe-Bar and the woman behind the counter has made my day with her kindness. She is charging my phone in her stall, otherwise the only other place to use for charging electronics is in the bathroom. I’ve bought a tasty cheese pie with feta accompanied by a glass of white wine. Still 1-3/4 hours to go before I can redeem this travel day. This small cafe also has free internet, an added bonus so I can post today’s blog. The remainder of the day/evening will be traveling on ferry 2 to Brindisi, Italy. 

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  1. Fun to catch up with you and your adventure as you are country-hopping. Love getting all the tastes and sights and smells from your descriptions of your experiences along the way. Can feel the blue lagoon as I look at your picture. Delish! Good vibes)))))) for your time in Italy and beyond!

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