To hike or not to hike…

This morning is much cooler with the threat of a thunderstorm. I attended morning yoga where I was able to do about 75% of the movements, then enjoyed a nice breakfast. Today was supposed to be a kayaking opportunity but because of the weather the organizers of the yoga group decided on a 5 mile hike instead. I went back and forth about whether to join the hike whenever the first drops of rain started coming down; then it would pass, then start again.There were also thunder rumblings so In the end I decided not to go and used the time to start planning the next round of traveling.

I had some good conversations today with both yoga trainers and a massage with the afternoon trainer. I also gave the massage trainer one of my paper quilling pieces and she wanted a great big hug.

Corfu Gift

Evening yoga was similar to ecstatic dance and then some chanting, very grounding. The dinner buffet was great and I sat with several younger women who have done a lot of traveling. 

Tomorrow morning I head out early for an all-day cruise to see areas known as the Crystal Cave and the Blue Lagoon which includes an hour for swimming in very clear blue water. There is a small village nearby where we will have lunch and then meander among various local merchants. On Tuesday morning I have two ferry rides and then plan to take a train to Ancona, Italy which is on the east coast heading north. From there I may head to Genoa, then Nice, France as I wend my way toward Barcelona. 

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