Pink Palace Resort, Corfu

My yoga retreat hotel is in Agio Gordio, a small town on the coast. Last night I slept in a warm room, no air conditioning. I woke up early and looked at the view from my room. Another “Wow!” Absolutely beautiful and I took an early walk along the beach, finally getting my feet wet and massaged with sand and ocean.

Morning surprise view

My first yoga class is comprised of people who have been doing yoga for a while. I struggle just trying to sit with a straight back and it almost felt like I was in an episode of “I Love Lucy” where Lucy is trying to keep up but doesn’t quite get there. I’m giving myself an “A” for showing up and trying.

After yoga the group headed into the restaurant for breakfast and I met a woman from London  who is very interested in travel, politics and the state of the world. I strolled through the small town to the beach to check out restaurants offering vegetarian fare. I stopped at a street cafe for ice cream and a frappe as a substitute for lunch since I don’t have much appetite in this heat. Even though it is a partially cloudy day, the sun is intense and I am working on a weeklong tan in two days. Who knew that Corfu has mosquitoes? These are the small, almost silent variety.

The staff are being helpful this morning and afternoon, providing me with more information and even a floor fan for my hot room. I am feeling deeply grateful. Tomorrow afternoon I get a massage! On Monday I am taking a 10-hour cruise to see some sights and swim in crystal clear water. No yoga for me after tomorrow, and I depart early Tuesday morning, taking two different ferries to get to Brindisi, Italy. This is the extent of my trip planning for now. The evening yoga session went better for me than this morning and I am feeling much more grounded and stretched. The dinner buffet was amazing along with table conversation with two women who have been staying here for some time. My favorite time of day is sunset/twilight when things cool off, there is a gentle breeze, and the day eases softly into evening. I em enjoying some quiet time on the balcony to write the daily blog before going to bed. 

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