From Delphi to Corfu

While waiting for a regional bus this morning, I noticed a man walking in my direction wearing two hats, so I said hello. Tong is a traveler from Sweden who has been asking deep questions since he was a teenager. We had a wonderful conversation around my “If you only had one month” question. He would use the time to say goodbye to those he cares about. Also, he has been writing a memoir that has sensitive, possibly upsetting reflections for family members about growing up in a village in China. He would send his legacy project to a select group of people to offer a snapshot of what life was like in his era to educate those in the future. If I have not captured the essence of what Tong shared as an answer, this post may be edited with his corrections.

My afternoon was spent traveling by bus to Athens for an evening flight to Corfu. At one point the village road was so narrow that the bus had to back up about half a block so vehicles coming the other way could get through. I was dropped off in Athens near a metro station where I bought a half price senior ticket to the airport. These trains really MOVE – fast, people, luggage. Two transfers and I am at the airport with 4 hours to spare. Sitting in an Italian restaurant for lunch and dinner combined, with a glass of wine. I think this is another first: having a 3-course meal in an airport with salad, pasta, wine and tiramisu. I’ve just added a kilo, maybe two, to my weight for getting on the plane. Small sacrifice! Standing in line has its adventures. Buying a bottle of water near the gate, I received an irritated response when I said that I am in line to pay. This interaction repeats every other day as I travel. I am 5’9″ and continue to wonder how it is that I appear invisible to others? 

The flight to Corfu using Sky Express was smooth for a 2-propeller plane. The resort shuttle will be an hour out for pickup. There are no benches or seats outside the airport that I can see and the eateries are closing for the night. It feels like a very long day, at least that is what my lower back is telling me. The good news is that my carry-on arrived here with me this time. Tomorrow morning my body gets to try some yoga stretches. It’s been a really long time so I will be gentle. May we all have a good night’s rest.

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