To Delphi

Another beautiful morning in Kalambaka. The hotel host kindly gave me a ride to the train station and as I sit waiting, I am greeted by a chorus of mourning doves. My hope is that today I move (or sway) at the pace of the treetops in my field of vision as I travel to Delphi.

At Leonokladi station I had to transfer to another platform. A young man ahead of me took my bag twice, without me asking for help, to get my carry-on down two sets of stairs. It feels really good to have people notice and take on a simple, helpful, kind act. From the train along the way I see small corn fields and beehives. No toilet facilities on these regional buses. Had to take a short taxi ride to get from the minibus drop-off point to the Lamia Bus station. The taxi driver took another passenger to a high point in the city before dropping me off at the station so I was treated to the scenic route with a view of the town. Lunch is an apple I had with me from Thessaloniki. 

Surrounding views

Hillsides of yellow gorse in full bloom winding around mountainous hairpin turns overlooking deep valleys, olive orchards on stone terraces, very narrow roads through small towns where you could reach out and touch the roses, shuttered doors and windows, soil the color of burnt sienna.

There was one more unexpected bus transfer in Amphisa and about 10 minutes up the road, Delphi. This is a small town with many hotels and tourist shops. Dining at Vakhos restaurant touting traditional home cooking, they have an outdoor patio overlooking the incredible valley view, a very popular place. I tasted a delicious herbed olive tapenade with bread, a glass of their house white wine, and Briam which is a dish of oven roasted veggies piled on top of 2 bread slices. This is the best meal on my trip! The patio railing has grape vines twining through, providing some shade and letting a really lovely breeze come through. I also had the easiest time finding tonight’s hotel. Tomorrow morning I will get up early to hike to the Oracle of Delphi before it gets hot and touristy. I am also plotting my next travel details to get to the island of Corfu some time late Friday. Wish I had a personal travel agent to take care of these details…

Restaurant view in Delphi

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