Magical Meteora

Leaving Thessaloniki, I saw an abandoned rail car with graffiti: “no one is illegal” painted on the roof. Such an unexpected remlnder of what matters. A train station worker was emptying trash and found a box of pizza remnants which he proceeded to put on the tracks for the pigeons. Lovely gesture of thoughtfulness. 

Today I had the good fortune of finding a couple of english-speaking people. Waiting on the platform to Kalambaka, a woman from London responded to the question “If you knew you only had one month…: “I would spend quality time with my family.”

A mother traveling with her family from New Jersey: “We are doing it – this is a bucket list trip.” They were so excited about having visited the island of Santorini, Greece where locals braid grape vines to form a basket to hold the ripening grapes. They also grow unique wine and tomatoes on volcanic soil without irrigation. It sounds amazing.

Say Wow!

My hotel for tonight, the Hotel Meteora is at the top of a hill with a good view of the special rock formations that are host to various monasteries. I am just back from a sunset tour and it has been an awe-inspiring, amazing experience. I took lots of photos of massive rock formations and, incredibly, different sizes of monasteries perched in the most unlikely of places. Using only pulleys or wooden ladders, these ambitious spiritual people hauled up rocks and whatever else they needed for construction and survival. Many grow their own vegetables and some also have vineyards for their own consumption with strict guidelines about when they can imbibe. I was traveling with a family group that was so much fun.

I have had about 1,000 and one “Wow” exclamations on this tour. I also asked my “one month” question to several more sets of people and they all answered: quality time with family. Tomorrow I am signed up for a morning tour which will show me more around the area. I’m wondering how I can possibly absorb any more (but I promise to try)! Wait for it – today I am attaching a photo with me in it! The trip has been worth it for the beauty and grandeur today. Expansive, loving, connecting gratitude!

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  1. You have covered a lot of miles with a lot of twists and turns since I last checked in. Appreciating how people are showing up and things are always working out for you, for all of us. Love this picture of you and your smile in Greece. Happy travels to your next stop!❤️

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