At Edmonton International airport, I had a mutually supportive encounter with the baggage check-in clerk who was grateful to be asked how her day was going. Strolling through the terminal I came across a living wall of lush green foliage as well as a display of indigenous hand-made products: seal-skin mittens, birch bark lidded basket decorated with colorful porcupine quills, beaded moose hide slippers and a moose hide moss basket. Altogether amazing, colorful beadwork and stitching. 

The green fields and forests are a real delight to view from the air: small farm holdings that appear to be more in harmony with the natural landscape which are juxtaposed with delicate cirrus clouds. Arrived in Vienna Saturday morning minus one checked bag which was still in Toronto, hopefully to be delivered on Sunday. My dear cousins were waiting to pick me up, wondering what was taking me so long to exit the baggage claim area. Driving out of Vienna, bright orange poppies dot the landscape in lovely, cheerful clusters. Met the extended family and next generation of young third cousins in Laxenburg and was served a wonderful lunch with produce from their garden including a very red, juicy and sweet strawberry just picked off the vine. 

The night before departure, Elton saw a pair of crows begin a nesting ritual. Perched in a pine tree visible from our motel window, they touched beaks then the female fetched a stick, placing it carefully toward the top of the tree. Driving to the airport later, we had a hawk sighting which is always a positive sign. Also acknowledging the full moon as I go into travel mode.

Spring here is about a month ahead of ours with all manner of green-ness and blooming flowers. Taking an evening walk along the Traun river, wild lily of the valley infuses the air around the riverside walking trails. Delighted to see clematis, roses, peonies and wisteria, blooms I was not expecting to be out so early in the season. Overall, so much gratitude and loving connection.

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